What are the benefits of a MOBILE Self Defense Business?

Silverback Self Defense was developed as a turn key business.

Our business model is attractive to our franchisees due to the high likelihood of success, a business that allows you the flexibility to run your business the way you choose while capturing the largest market share within your territory. A Silverback Self Defense mobile franchise allows you to design your business the way you choose.


Low Overhead

No need for an expensive retail space or training facility, this allows our franchisees to increase their profitability.


Higher Profitability

With little overhead, our franchises experience greater profitability.


Minimal Risk

With no lease or space commitments there is little risk to owning our franchise.


Flexible Schedule

Without having business hours, our franchise model is completely flexible to the work schedule that makes sense for you.


Wider Target Reach

With traditional martial arts schools pulling from an average of a 5 mile radius, our franchisees are able to expand their market throughout their territory.


Market to the 97%

The martial arts industry claims that only 3% of the public participate in traditional martial arts classes. This allows us to market to the other 97% that are not willing or able to commit to ongoing training in a class environment.


Convenience for your Clients

Corporations and private clients enjoy the luxury of you coming to them. Open up your market to corporate execs and higher income customers who like being catered to with this convenient service.




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