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Corporate Self Defense Seminars

Self defense training has become a top priority for many companies. Creating a safer workplace environment starts with employee training. Companies are learning that in order for their employees to feel safe and be able to protect themselves, they need to offer self defense training. Seminars can range from Basic Self Defense and Parking Lot Safety to Active Shooter Training. Providing self defense training for employees is a valuable way to equip employees with skills they could need in the workplace while adding value to their lives while they learn to protect themselves and become more confident in their daily lives.

Healthcare workers, service providers, realtors and people in education experience higher rates of violence in their day to day jobs. Workplace violence is not limited though, employee conflict, disgruntled employees, former employees or even domestic violence or random shooters puts every business at risk for violence in the workplace.


Every year, millions of American workers report having been victims of workplace violence.

– National Safety Council


In 2017, assaults resulted in 18,400 injuries and 458 fatalities.

– Injury Facts

We listen to the wants and needs of your employees and deliver a unique product specific to your companies situation, what this means is none of our seminars are the same. What does that mean to you? It means you are not getting some canned out of date seminar with techniques and information that is not relative or valid for your needs.

Our seminars can range from basic to complex situations and role plays. We train for and in real world situations and bring that training to you. No group is too big or too small, we can accommodate any size group depending on the number of employees interested in training and the space available.

All of our seminars have a hands on component, which means that you are not learning theory, your employees are being taught the most effective, easiest to learn and remember self defense techniques.

A typical seminar will include an engaging presentation that will increase your employees awareness and give them practical ways to avoid being a victim. We find that employees love the interactive, hands-on training as we teach them striking basics, escaping the most common grabs, holds, chokes and hair grabs. Our seminars are unique with this approach and we find that participants are more engaged and walk away feeling like they are more equipped to protect themselves.

General Self Defense Training

Silverback Self Defense teaches general self defense in three phases.

Phase 1 is our Basic training focusing on awareness of surroundings and avoiding becoming a victim. We teach hands-on striking techniques and how to escape the most common grabs, chokes and holds.

Phase 2 In this training we will review all of the material taught in Phase 1 and add additional techniques that are more intermediate. 

Phase 3 This seminar will review all techniques taught in Phase 1 and Phase 2 and add in more advanced techniques and training.

Parking Lot Self Defense Seminar

Silverback Self Defense Parking Lot seminar focuses on the most common situations that occur in regular day to day activities. 10% of all crimes that happen in the United States happen in parking lots, making parking lot safety and awareness an important part of self defense training. This seminar covers awareness and avoidance and how not to become a target in a parking lot. We discuss what a predator looks for and tips to keep you safe. What makes this seminar different than a Phase 1 is that the training is done in the parking lot, hands-on training between cars and working in real life situations that could occur, includes anti-abduction techniques.

Active Shooter Self Defense Seminar

Silverback Self Defense Active Shooter seminar includes our E5 training, teaching five responses needed to survive an active shooter situation. We take over where free seminars stop, we teach what to do when run and hide is not an option. Hands on and scenario based training on how to engage the shooter if given no other choice, how to save your life in a worst case situation.

Real Estate Self Defense Seminar

Silverback Self Defense Real Estate seminar educates Realtors and others in the industry on how to be safe when showing properties to new clients, at open houses, as well as avoiding and surviving the other dangers they face. This seminar is a powerful hands-on seminar that teaches simple and effective self-defense techniques and personal safety tips. Introduction to common strikes, grabs, and chokes. 41% of women realtors do not feel safe in their jobs, we equip them with the skills they need to feel safe and confident in their day to day work situations.


This seminar is for companies who have employees and executives who travel outside of the country and safety concerns. We will teach how to defend against the most common type of kidnapping situations.

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