Self Defense Training

At Silverback Self Defense, we offer individual and family self defense training as well as group and corporate seminars and speaking engagements for groups of any size. We live in a very scary world and it is getting worse everyday. We offer safety tips, self defense training and the highest rated self defense products on the market to help you be as prepared as possible should you ever need to defend yourself or your loved ones.

General Self Defense Training

Silverback Self Defense teaches general self defense in three phases.

Phase 1 is our Basic training focusing on awareness of surroundings and avoiding becoming a victim. We teach hands-on striking techniques and how to escape the most common grabs, chokes and holds.

Phase 2 In this training we will review all of the material taught in Phase 1 and add additional techniques that are more intermediate.

Phase 3 This seminar will review all techniques taught in Phase 1 and Phase 2 and add in more advanced techniques and training.

Parking Lot Self Defense Seminar

Silverback Self Defense Parking Lot seminar focuses on the most common situations that occur in regular day to day activities. 10% of all crimes that happen in the United States happen in parking lots, making parking lot safety and awareness an important part of self defense training. This seminar covers awareness and avoidance and how not to become a target in a parking lot. We discuss what a predator looks for and tips to keep you safe. What makes this seminar different than a Phase 1 is that the training is done in the parking lot, hands-on training between cars and working in real life situations that could occur, includes anti-abduction techniques.

Real Estate Self Defense Seminar

Silverback Self Defense Real Estate seminar educates Realtors and others in the industry on how to be safe when showing properties to new clients, at open houses, as well as avoiding and surviving the other dangers they face. This seminar is a powerful hands-on seminar that teaches simple and effective self-defense techniques and personal safety tips. Introduction to common strikes, grabs, and chokes. 41% of women realtors do not feel safe in their jobs, we equip them with the skills they need to feel safe and confident in their day to day work situations.

Active Shooter Self Defense Seminar

Silverback Self Defense Active Shooter seminar includes our E5 training, teaching five responses needed to survive an active shooter situation. We take over where free seminars stop, we teach what to do when run and hide is not an option. Hands on and scenario based training on how to engage the shooter if given no other choice, how to save your life in a worst case situation.

Teen and College Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking

Girls between 13 to 34 represent the almost 70% of reported sexual assault victims in the United States. Our goal is to equip this age group with the skills they need to avoid this type of situation and how to fight back if necessary. We discuss the staggering statistics of human trafficking and the safety measures that are necessary to be safe. This is hands on training teaching participants how to defend themselves in the worst case scenario, on the ground.

Social Media Safety and Human Trafficking Dangers

Designed for any individual group or organization that has tweens or teens that have access to smart phones. We will discuss the dangers of social media and how predators quickly target and connect with vunerable children and teens. In addition to best practices to avoid being a target, we will teach hands-on basic self-defense techniques.

STAND Up to Bullying

We know that 1 in 4 students report being bullied either directly or indirectly. Our STAND Up To Bullying seminar equips students with the skills they need to avoid being a target, we teach them to report the situation to a teacher or parent and prepare them for how to defend themselves if they ever need to. Hands-on training that is fun and engaging for students of all ages.

Girls Night Out Self Defense Seminar

Get a group of girlfriends together for a fun evening of learning life savings skills taught in an entertaining atmosphere. Instead of going to an escape room, come train with us and learn real life escape and evasion techniques. Hands-on training on the most basic self defense techniques.

Speaking Engagements

Robert Webre is an expert in self defense and personal protection. He is an engaging speaker and successfully commands the room. Robert is entertaining and brings real life situations into his presentation, helping people understand the reality of the world we live in and the importance of self defense and safety training.

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