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At Silverback Self Defense, we offer self defense classes, self defense seminars and corporate self defense seminars in self defense preparedness. We live in a very scary world and it is getting worse everyday. We offer tips, advice, training and product reviews to help you become as prepared as possible should you ever need to defend yourself or your loved ones.

We believe in being prepared for all possible situations. We know that you cannot control every thing in life, but we believe you can control the situations you place yourself in.


  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Gyms
  • Families
  • Woman’s Groups
  • or any group of 12 or more


  • Self Defense from Personal Attack
  • Weapons Defense
  • Parking Lot Self Defense
  • Car Jacking Defense
  • Cyber Security



Phase 1 Self Defense Seminar


DEC 15

Parking Lot Safety Self Defense Seminar


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and Learn

Lunch and Learn
1 – 1.5 hours
Self Defense Seminar in a classroom environment teaching participants about safety and self-defense as it applies to their home and work life. We work with our clients and customize the topics to the unique situations you may experience in your industry.

What Your Staff Will Learn:
• Personal Safety and Awareness
• Verbally Diffusing a Confrontation
• Best practices in a Self Defense Situation
• Using Common Objects for Self Defense
• Q & A


Customized Self Defense Seminar

Customized Self Defense Seminar
1.5 – 2 hours
Based on customer or industry specific needs
• Team Building
• Situation Awareness
• Best Practices for Home or Business

Hands on Training:
• Self Defense Basics
• Striking Basics


In Depth Customized Self Defense Seminar

2.5 – 4 hours
ased on customer or industry specific needs
• Team Building
• Situation Awareness
• Best Practices for Home or Business

Detailed Hands on Training:
• Striking
• Self Defense against: Grabs, Chokes, Bear Hugs,
• Ground Fighting
• Weapons Self Defense against: Guns, Knives, Sticks
Third Party Protection: How to Protect Your Loved Ones


Private and Semi-Private Training

1 hour minimum session
Customized based on clients needs

5 STAR REVIEWS From Happy Customers!

We love helping people and making the community more aware. A person more alert and mindful of their surroundings is less likely to be a victim. One that has knowledge of what to do if a bad situation arises is even less likely to experience a bad outcome.

What a few of our customers had to say.

Awesome Instructor

Robert Webre is an awesome instructor. He provides great information about general awareness as well as giving physical self defense instruction. We will be taking more courses.

Tactical Skills

The Concealed Carry Tactical Skills Seminar was amazing this weekend. Even with having a military background, and using firearms for many years, I learned a lot. It’s a great course to take to not only learn how to defend yourself in a number of different situations, but also how to defend loved ones and others

So Educational

Robert taught our group of ladies how to defend ourselves in different situations. He also educated the group about awareness of our surroundings  and to "not live in the white".

A great event – so much fun.

We had a group event for our office that taught us all some basic and easily learned techniques to protect ourselves and get out of a physical attack. Robert taught us the importance of awareness and the actual maneuvers to escape chokes, bear hugs and various grabs with ease.


We started Silverback Self Defense because of my passion for teaching people how to defend themselves. I have trained in Martial Arts most of my adult life and being the parent of four children and three daughters I know the value of learning how to defend yourself will empower someone.

My wife and I own Cypress Martial Arts & Fitness, in Cypress Texas a suburb in Northwest Houston. I am a 6th Degree Black Belt in ITF TaeKwon-Do, a certified KMG Krav Maga instructor level G-3. I train in Gracie Jujitsu and I am also an HKC certified Kettlebell Instructor. I taught traditional taekwondo and mixed martial arts at Lone Star college for ten years and we have owned our school for the last 14 years.

Robert Webre - Founder Silverback Self Defense
Robert Webre - Founder Silverback Self Defense



Silverback Self Defense holds self defense classes every month at our Cypress location that are open to the public with limited availability. We also host or conduct on location classes for organizations, families or any group of 10 or more.

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